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Dark Horse Rowing

“Before working with Dark Horse Rowing, my Rowing was a huge weakness, it was something I didn’t think needed a lot attention to detail but how wrong I was.

Not only have I learnt how to improve my rowing technique to ensure my rowing is efficient but I have improved my fitness and power output.

Tia-Claire Toomey
* 2017 CrossFit Games Champion

“Today was my first real rowing class since I completed the course. I had 8 people in and it was bloody awesome. Cant speak highly enough of the DHR course.”

Kel Sanson * Part time CrossFit Coach, Full Time Environmental Consultant

Dark Horse Rowing has a reputation for being both fun and the the choice of a growing number of very satisfied athletes with serious ambitions to compete and win in ths sport of team rowing. Shane Farmer is the main mover of Dark Horse Rowing.

Take a moment to view some of his videos. If you are signing up for a camp this summer, you should check out the kind of workout program Shane is promoting. You will enjoy the sport more, and hurt less when you actually begin.

Learn to row with Dark Horse Rowing. Dark Horse Rowing explains how to row using the 4 most important positions of the stroke. Catch Drive Release Recovery When learning to row start with the 4 basic positions and learn to execute them to perfection. Speed when rowing comes from good positions. For greater detail, coaching cues, and points of performance, train with us.