Rowing requires: “Harmony, balance and rhythm. They are the things that stay with you your whole life.”

Daniel James Brown, The Boys in the Boat

The National City Aquatics Center

Our Summer Campers Learned:

The Culture of Rowing | Rowing as part of a Team (or “crew”) | Leading a Crew (“Coxing”) | Setting up and storing boats & equipment | Using a rowing machine (or ergometer)

Students will receive video and video analysis of their rowing.

The primary method of instruction will be LEARNING BY DOING.

Welcome to Community Rowing of San Diego

The first rowing club in the United States, Narragansett Boat Club was founded in 1838. Fifty years later, the sport of rowing had spread all the way across the continent to San Diego, where in 1888 its first boat club was formed. Four years later its second club was formed…

CRSD’s Successful Summer of 2017

  • 100+ aquatic campers (55 unique as we had many repeat clients).
  • Many community scholarships and intern positions were granted.
  • We also provided 11 individual rowing lessons for families and adults.


Giving – Help us catch our youth!